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the sims 4 eco lifestyle expansion pack DLC

The Sims 4 The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle’s

Latest large-scale expansion pack is based on the theme of environmental protection and community. SIMS 4 Sims 4 Green Life (Eco Lifestyle) has added a new hidden version of the game this time, playing a new civil designer profession, you can plant a special “zero cruelty meat”, we are together in SIMS 4 today The Sims 4 has fun in Eco Lifestyle to see this new planted synthetic meat. Thanks for watching! I hope you like this video, and you can give me a lot of encouragement by clicking like & coining! Thanks for your support!

The expansion is expected to land on the four platforms of PS4, Xbox, PC and Mac on June 5.

In Evergreen, every action and decision made by the player will affect the state of the world around him. The cleaner Wannianqing Harbor becomes, the more players can see the natural vitality. Players can decide whether the sky will be full of smog or pure enough that residents can see the flashing northern lights in the sky. Let the garbage accumulate on the streets of the community, or clean it up and create a lush trail in the town. Everything is up to you! The new update in “Build/Buy” will also encourage players to become more environmentally friendly.

 The Sims 4 has fun in Eco Lifestyle

For the first time in player history,

Wind turbines, solar panels, and dew collectors can be used to flatten water and electricity bills. Reduce your ecological footprint, invest in a living roof, and add a brighter color to your life. Indoors, you can choose beautiful new furniture (of course made of sustainable materials), or transform other people’s garbage into beautiful objects! Speaking of recycling, why not take a look at the new job of the self-creator? As players wander around the town, they can also take this to pay attention to the collectibles and materials for the next work. Brave Sims may jump into the trash can to find dyes, scraps and broken materials, and raw materials, provided they don’t mind the smell.

Wind turbines, solar panels, sims eco lifestyle

Choose a career as a freelance

Craftsman, and fulfill orders for candles, juice sodas, recycling and transformation items from the mail and online! Or try to encourage neighbors to vote to create a space for community creators so that everyone can make together. Unused community space will be wasted and become a veritable garbage dump. Encourage your neighbors to decide together how to use it. If you want to successfully create a space for self-creating, you need the support of others. Want to choose a shared planting space with a vertical garden instead? Then vote for it! Every week, players can vote with the new community to choose a community action plan. Renovate shared lots, promote performing arts, suggest weekly fitness, request recycling and renovation initiatives, or explore more options on the voting board. But be aware that if one is not careful, everyone may have to wear a paper bag on their head.

Because of this, the overall game has a high degree of adhesion, and players will spend a lot of time searching for different materials.

This is also a big breakthrough in this expansion pack! In addition to furniture, you can also make candles! This candle is not simple. Depending on the material (fragrance) you make, it will also have an emotional impact, and it will drip wax over time when it is lit. Do you rely on your own electricity and water supply? There is no electricity in Wannianqinggang, and players need to use various generators to obtain electricity. You can choose windmills, solar energy, etc. In addition, if you want clean water, you need to install a dew collector!

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